About NEWCLAYS (UK) & Oralgos

Meet Our Global Team

Finnick Z. Lin

CEO of NEWCLAYS (UK), co-founder of Oralgos.

COO of Marbon Group (CHINA), TOYA COOPERATION (JAPAN), CTO of Social Medical Supply (Texas, USA)

With eight years of experience in the oral care and PPE industries, Finnick Lin brings a wealth of expertise to Oralgos International. Holding an MBA from HKUST, he is dedicated to product research, branding strategy, e-commerce, and global investment.

Dr. Jason Z. Zhong

Director of R&D Department and CTO of Oralgos

PhD in Computer Science from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Doctor of Philosophy. Specializing in machine learning and medical image processing, Jason Zhong has contributed significantly to Oralgos’ innovations. With five years of experience, he has played a essential role in the development of electric toothbrushes (high-vibration chips), water flossers, and toothbrush technologies.

Milo Z. Cheng


Holding an MPhil in Legal Practice from Exeter University, Milo Cheng, also the owner of Harmoon Capital, leads investments in medical devices projects and directs Oralgos’ marketing strategy, bringing a wealth of experience to drive the company’s success.

Milo is the representative of ORALGOS Foundation. The foundation encourages hope and health in communities by improving access to oral health care and providing assistance to dentists and their families in need.

Shelton Simango

Executive Advisor at OralGos & Director of Kaizen

Shelton Simango, Executive Advisor at OralGos, leverages vast expertise in business development and investment. With a robust academic background , Shelton holds a degree in Business Management from the University of Sussex (UK) and a Masters degree in Global Management of Natural Resources from University College London (UCL, UK). Seamlessly blending academic prowess with practical insight, Shelton is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the business landscape within the UK market and other global markets.

As Director of Kaizen, a trusted partner, Shelton’s success record, coupled with a robust academic background, uniquely positions him to navigate global markets, focusing on strategy, investment, and elevating OralGos in oral care dynamics.

Kelly C. Y. TONG

CBO of NEWCLAYS(UK) Healthcare

As the CBO of NEWCLAYS(UK) Healthcare, Kelly has been in personal care industries for 6 years. She has awarded BBM from Sussex University (Brighton, England). Kelly focus on the product design and market research for ORALGOS INTERNATIONAL.

Myles Conrad

Marketing Advisor & Co-Founder of Oralgos

Myles’s career has spanned with growth working with leading beauty brands within the UK. As the Marketing Advisor of Oralgos, Myles brings a wealth of experience to the table in the strategic pillars of E-commerce.
Having lived in Asia for 10 years, Myles empowers a consumer-led approach, combining his knowledge of international markets, ensuring the brand experience superserves the full spectrum of needs and wants. Working closely with product innovation that is at the heart of Oralgos, his influence extends across the company’s global marketing strategy.

About Oralgos

OralGos®, A dental care brand with Royal British ancestry, originating in 1999 and perfectly integrated with modern technology. OralGos® Committed to conveying the scientific concept of oral care to the British royal family and the world, providing solutions to promote oral health.
OralGos® keep up with the pace of the times, be good at adapting to social and economic development trends, actively embrace changes, and actively participate in global industrial and supply chain changes.

OralGos® brand belongs to NEWCLAYS HEALTHCARE (UK), a local enterprise in the United Kingdom, but places the most important production link in China, and authorizes MARBON GROUP to be responsible for the production of OralGos®.

After years of deep joint operation, MARBON GROUP has become the most important core manufacturer of the OralGos® brand. MARBON GROUP has over 20 years of experience in producing and operating a series of oral care products such as manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpaste, etc. Therefore, NEWCLAYS HEALTHCARE (UK) always firmly believe that MARBON GROUP is the most suitable manufacturer for OralGos®.

Oralgos factory image


Inception of Excellence

Driven by a passion for teeth and oral health, we founded NEWCLAYS HEALTHCARE (UK) LTD in 1999, marking our entry into the oral care industry. Our focus was on specialized toothbrushes and other dental care products, with a commitment to delivering high quality and unique designs from the very outset.


London-Based Branding

With a decade of growth, we recognized the significance of establishing brands for our premium oral care products. In 2008, we embarked on creating a range of independent brands, introducing our finest oral care products to the global market.


China Automation Leap

Proven success in our brand strategy led to rapid growth. In 2015, NEWCLAYS HEALTHCARE (UK) invested in MARBON GROUP, enhancing the global supply chain. UK introduced automated production, upgrading MARBON GROUP’s workshop for improved efficiency and product quality.


Global Collaboration

With international acclaim, our focus shifted to partnering with global dental care entities. Oralgos has strategically aligned with NEW ORALGOS MEMBERS in the US, Dubai, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and China. Additionally, the Oralgos team donated 200,000 oral care products to those in need in Africa and Asia.

Oralgos factory image

The ORALGOS CFO Milo with Michael Bates

OralGos Mission

“Fight off cavities, protect oral health” is the vision of our company. We believe that oral care is an essential part of overall health and wellbeing. That’s why we’re committed to producing high-quality toothbrushes that are not only effective at cleaning teeth, but also comfortable and easy to use.
Therefore, while our CFO is operating a company, he also actively participates in various international forums and summits involving oral health, and has played an important role. In various important occasions, he had a wealth of exchanges with leaders of various countries. They exchanged creative oral health concepts and proposed some forward -looking solutions in the field of oral health. This has made outstanding contributions to the development of oral health in various countries.
We believe that everyone deserves access to high quality oral care products, and we’re dedicated to making that a reality.

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OralGos Markets

Our factory has a long manufacturing experience and has won excellent reputation in oral heath industry. In recent years, we have strengthened in-depth cooperation and joint operations with British brand OralGos, which has accumulated our strength in the world market and won honors. There are our customers around the world. The main customers are from North America, Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, Mid East, South America, and Africa.